What is the Parent Group?

As parents of children attending Mt. Hebron Nursery School, we are a voluntary group of parents/caregivers who contribute to the mission of the nursery school. We utilize the many wonderful skills and talents of our parents to create memorable events for our entire school community of students, parents, and staff.

This group was created to help families of Mt. Hebron, network, fund raise and support our teachers and staff.  We do 2-3 fundraisers a year which help to pay for cultural arts activities such as field trips, our new playground installed in 2012, and new computers for each classroom. Parent group money has also been used to create the 6th classroom (two year old room), and the driveway that goes around the building.  This has all been done without affecting tuition rates.

We also host social events for our parents and children such as Retail Therapy Night, Mix and Mingle Night, Restaurant night, and much more. In addition, at the end of each school year, we show our teachers appreciation by hosting luncheons and giving gifts.

Thank you in advance for supporting MHNS through your volunteering efforts.

We can be reached at mhnsparentgroup@gmail.com

“Like” us on Facebook and check out our Instagram at for regular updates on fundraisers, projects, school closings and more!